Foto: Rodrigo Sambaqui

Drummer from Florianópolis (Brasil) with a huge experience in a variety of styles, he began playing in 1990.

From 1995 to 1998, he had the opportunity to study with the well known drummer Kiko Freitas (João Bosco) and in 1999 he attended Brazilian Rythms with the worthy drummer Nenê (Hermeto Pascoal) at ULM (São Paulo).

From 1999, he played in concerts and recordings with Brazilians and internationals artists : Carlos Malta Quartet, Nuno Mindelis, J.J. Jackson (EUA), Deacon Jones (EUA), Zeka Lopez ( France), Marcos Otaviano, Patrícia Marx, Felipe Coelho Trio, Luis Zago Trio, Glauco Solter, Guinha Ramires, among others.

Playing with the guitar player Nuno Mindelis, he participated in tv programs and several Jazz and Blues Festivals such as the 22nd Edition of the Festival International de Jazz de Montreal (Canada) and performance in Europe through ,France, Belgium and Holland.

In 2007, with the Blues singer J.J.Jackson, participated in another tour of Brasil and several cities of Portugal.

The year 2011 was highlighted by the tour (Tudo Azul) with Carlos Malta Quartet in the north and northeast of Brasil, with concerts and workshops.

He started the year 2013 with the release of the DVD (A night at Maxwell St. ) by Amleto Barboni and followed with Carlos Malta to Lisboen and with trombonist player Zeka Lopes for a concert in Nantes (France).

In september 2013, the Modern Drummer Magazine published an article about his musical career.

Currently, Richard has been hightlighted on several projects with artists of Santa Catarina (Brasil).


Silvia Abelin - Tanto Tudo - (2016)

Luciano Bilu - Justice (2016)

Orquestra Acadêmica Udesc (Instrumental da Casa) - (2015)

Marcos Ottaviano – Blood, Sweat & Electric (2014)

Amleto Barboni (DVD) – A Night at Maxwell St. (2013)

Sérgio Basbaum – Popup (2012)

Flávio Naves Band and Deacon Jones (EUA) – Legacy of the Hammond B3 (2012)

Zeka Lopez – Atrás da Boleia (2011)

Caio Muniz – Mar Alto (2011)

Wimer – Viagem Fora do Tempo (2011)

Rodrigo Rodrigues – The First Step: Introduction (2011)

Carlos Malta Quarteto – Tudo Azul (2010)

Patricia Marx & Bruno E. (2010)

J.J. Jackson – Back in São Paulo (2010)

Marcos Ottaviano & Kiko Moura - Project (2009)

Letycia Oliveira - Cores do Pop ao Samba (2009)

Íris Salvagnini - Íris e a canção de Marília Medalha (Tratore, 2008)

Grazie a Dio ao Vivo - (2005)

Nuno Mindelis - Outros Nunos (Eldorado, 2005)

Nuno Mindelis - Twelve hours (FNM, 2003)

Evandro Gracelli - Urucun (2003)

Babi - Do jeito que eu quero (Universal, 2002)

Chico Memória - Paroara (2001)

Chiquinho Alencar - Bicho Carpinteiro (2000)

Valdir Agostinho - A Hora do Mane (1998)

Janet Machnacz & Joel Brito - Menina (1998)

Educational background

Piano lessons with Silvia Góes (2008-2013)
Piano lessons with Carlos Bonetti (2007)
Drum lessons with Nenê at ULM - SP (1999)
Workshop Evolution of the drum with Zé Eduardo Nazário; Workshop Experimentation of Percussion Instruments with Airton Moreira (1999)
MPB Workshop of Itajaí / SC with Pascoal Meirelles (1998)
Drum lessons with Kiko Freitas - RS (1995-1998)